Friday, April 25, 2008

I know I am not to blog about blogging...

So I apologize for this one. I am unexpectedly far from a computer and even farther from time to get to one. THe thirty in thirty experiment is officially on hold for one week. See you all soon!


queenofhollywood said...

Hey Clementine,

You don't have to apologize, we know that you are busy.

Makes me really sad to think that the thirty in thirty experiment will be over in a few days...

By the way, I'm writing something that I wanna you to read, but until monday it won't be finished. That day will be special for me.

Have awesome weekend.

The Amatuer Writer said...

Hey gal, don't break a sweat. Just this 'message' alone displayed how sensibly responsible and discipline you are..(hahaha!.."@$$ kissing pun intended!"- kidding!!) Do not worry, we will be right here when you are back and ready to rock n' roll, once again.

Have a safe week; take a break, have a 'Kit Kat'

Stay well and cool, dear Cl..oops, dear 'Dirty Ballerina' Ya!


Anonymous said...

I guess it will just be renamed the 30 in 37 experiment...LOL!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure your next piece will be interesting.. till then, good luck

Sivia.M said...

See you then!
Have a wonderful time! wish you the very best!

-Silvia Meléndez

Wanda said...


Your are truly awesome. So talented, so caring. I hope your having a wonderful time. I'll be patiently waiting for your next story.

Much love, and wishing you the best in all things

texgirl said...

Just my luck, but thankful to find the site. Hope all is well, relax and enjoy the time w/o your computer (it does help time 2 time). Looking forward to reading about interesting challenges or experiences.

Alma de pollo said...

Ok, don't worry
we'll wait. See you soon.

Beso :)

KID said...

Hey Clem
Like they all say don't sweat it and don't apologize. Just hope it is alright with ya.

Stay safe girl

Anonymous said...

Come back! its been too long ;P