Monday, February 2, 2009

What's happening here?

Maybe I've been under a rock but it sure seems like there is a lot more crime round these parts than there has been in a while. A few hours ago I received this email. 
Dear neighbors,

This past Friday January 30, a friend of my was brutally assaulted walking from Blairs on Hyperion to Edendales Bar and Grill on Rowena. It was maybe between 11:30 PM or 12:30 AM near the West Silver Lake Street entrance on Rowena.  He was pulled into the back of a dark driveway, had a gun pressed against his temple and then savagely thrown to the ground and beaten crushing his left cheek; he blacked out and doesn't remember what happened next. He couldn't see both suspects but got a look at one who he describes as a tall, young hispanic male. Larry was rushed to Kaiser on Sunset and when the police came, one exclaimed that this was the 9th such assault by the same suspects in 2 weeks in the Silver Lake area, almost 1 assault a day!!!  The police also said they were just there the night before with another victim who had his face sliced from the corner of his eye to the the corner of his mouth by the same SOB, they also said they (the police) were on it.
 I think if they were truly "on it" we SL residents would have been warned somehow either by fliers or a news blurb.  My friend is puzzled by the attack and thinks it's a hate crime since they didn't take his wallet nor his watch but isn't quite sure.  I am scared but really really pissed at the police for keeping the 9 assaults, one after the other on the down- low so, I'm going to spread the word somehow and someway.  A friend and I are making fliers and going to some of the neighborhood bars, cafes and stores and posting warnings.  If you have any ideas contacting the news, email blasts etc.. let me know or just help spread the warning any way you know how.

PS.  Another female dog owner/friend on Michelterona and Sunset was sexually assaulted 3 weeks ago at 7:30 PM by a tall white male with shoulder length hair.  He didn't care if she had her 140 lbs dog with her, he grabbed her from behind, pushed her up against a wall and began to fondle her and only let go when he saw a family walking towards them down the hill from Micheltorena.

I apologize for all the somber news but I'm sure you rather be safe then sorry.
Not being able to put it out of my mind ( and being shocked when I went immediately to Capt. Pinkpants blog and found nothing) I did a little searching since they seem to keep these things under wraps and I found this  and who could forget this. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I keep hearing about these things and now I'm scared to walk the dog. nevermind how I feel about my best friend riding the bus late at night...