Tuesday, April 13, 2010

slipping back gently in... shhhhh

its hard for me to stick to things. I am super gung ho for about two weeks of any endeavor. What usually happens is, something becomes a minor pain in my ass and I scrap the whole plan. WEll, apparently I'm getting better. I started using a metal water bottle a few months ago. Since I don't want to even accidentally advertise for them all I will say is they are popular, swiss, made from aluminum and have had some customer relations issues of late. My customaer issues were, my first two had a funny smell/taste, probably related to the plastic BPA lining they used! My last one mysteriously began leaking out the bottom, odd for a steel bottle. So I got it in my head that I needed a whole new bottle, a whole new, unrelated brand (the third bottle I had was under a different name, same company though.) I went online, found a super cute little store not far from my house and ventured there on a field trip.
I didn't expect too much based on my experience with "green" stores. Holy moly, was I ever wrong! This place has everything from beauty products (I got a couple tubes of fabulous vegan lip balm...) to mattresses (I didn't get one of those...). Also, tons of kid lunch stuff that made me wish I was still in the 4th grade! It won't let me steal the photos but trust me...
All that aside, this post is about what I did get. I got the pink Klean Kanteen. I can't believe I bought pepto bismal pink anything either, but it was that or royal blue or plain stainless steel, which experience has taught me, shows finger prints. The other one I bought partially because the pink fairy is waay too big to fit the gym cupholders, ( I know, so L.A.) and partially because I think it's pretty and I really needed to make up for the pink thing. Did I mention I hate most versions of the colour pink? It's from a company called U-Turn 2 Tap (that's a link). There are loads of smaller companies making these bottles now but this one just spoke to me... ( who am I today?!)
To add to my small part of creating less waste I got some BYO Bags, which stop you from having to use the plastic bags for fruits and veg at the market. I used one this morning and felt very self-righteous! Which brings me back round to the point...wait, was there a point? Oh right, I'm really going to make an effort every single day to reduce the amount of waste I create. And don't tell me in some whiny voice that you recycle your plastic bottles, that doesn't count, think of the energy used for recycling! AND! are you really truly able to find recycling facilities everywhere you go? I didn't think so.