Saturday, January 12, 2008

So, I did it

I went to Lamill coffee yesterday, traitor that I am, and as much as their menu sounds delicious I think they are definitely not a significant replacement for the Backdoor Bakery.

1. The first thing I noticed was that their outdoor area was significantly lacking. 4 tables and certainly not enough space for us locals and our dogs.

2. once inside it looked like a P.T.A. meeting from my sister's school in northridge had let out early.

3. This morning, while walking by with my dog I heard a woman in Gucci with fake boobs squeal, "what is this neighborhood? It's soooo cute! We should spend more time here!"

4. Coffee the size of one of my (very small) dog's ears for $4.

5. No trash can?!

6. No sweetener?!

7. A dog trough out back, which I didn't bother to go look at as it seems they would have been better served by creating more patio space, especially given that my pup weighs 4 pounds and cannot really be left alone with other, much bigger dogs.

In short, I will be walking up to Tropical for my morning coffee. We have no need for a little taste of brentwood in our home space.

One update on the move and they evil bitch that threw them out... Moderna Salon has 2 signs in their window.

1. Moderna Salon wishes Backdoor Bakery all the best in their future endevours.
2. Moderna salon welcomes Lamill coffee (followed by the address).

Truly, truly disgusting.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

The end of an era

The Backdoor Bakery is closing, which is a perfect example of everything that has become wrong with Silver Lake. No, I haven't been here forever and maybe I am part of the problem in that I drive a jetta, but I can honestly say that what drove me out of hollywood and other parts of L.A. has followed me here. When I moved into my first apartment I was delighted to find a little coffee shop within walking distance that offered friendly faces and delicious treats for me and my pup. As I began frequenting the place more and more I got to know the owners, met their kids and the other regulars. I can't think of too many other places like that. I don't even have to order anymore, they just know what I want. Now that they are closing I am sick to my stomach at the options left to me. I can go to 7-eleven for coffee (blech!), I can go to the new (chain) place opening up down the street, which I can pretty much guarantee will NOT be the family place the Backdoor is, or I can get in my car and drive somewhere that is family owned (overuse of gas= not good for the environment). So my options suck. I guess it's time to move again, but where to?