Saturday, January 5, 2008

The end of an era

The Backdoor Bakery is closing, which is a perfect example of everything that has become wrong with Silver Lake. No, I haven't been here forever and maybe I am part of the problem in that I drive a jetta, but I can honestly say that what drove me out of hollywood and other parts of L.A. has followed me here. When I moved into my first apartment I was delighted to find a little coffee shop within walking distance that offered friendly faces and delicious treats for me and my pup. As I began frequenting the place more and more I got to know the owners, met their kids and the other regulars. I can't think of too many other places like that. I don't even have to order anymore, they just know what I want. Now that they are closing I am sick to my stomach at the options left to me. I can go to 7-eleven for coffee (blech!), I can go to the new (chain) place opening up down the street, which I can pretty much guarantee will NOT be the family place the Backdoor is, or I can get in my car and drive somewhere that is family owned (overuse of gas= not good for the environment). So my options suck. I guess it's time to move again, but where to?


Orchide said...

This makes me sad. I had no idea BB closed. Used to live closer...Wah- I went there for years.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Geez, I had no idea BB was closing. Guess that leaves Casbah as the only other coffee place. Ce la vie.