Friday, April 11, 2008

Can you smell a rat? (only slightly cheating)

I have an obsession with the way things smell. And with smelling all things. I've always wanted to create a perfume but that dream is a bit more expensive than, oh, I don't know, my dream of writing things down and having people read them... ahem. So for today's "assignment" I'm pulling up an old review from the old blog, that's what makes it slightly cheating, well that and I am posting it super late on Thursday but it's technically Friday so it counts. 

*another note, reference points used in this post are my tattoos. 

I went to Scent bar today looking for something new to obsess about and compulsively buy since alcohol and food are no longer options. On my right wrist, just above the 5 IS Avignon, part of the incense series from Commes des Garcon. 
Here is the description:

Powerful and intense, Avignon evokes the medieval city in the south of France which surpassed Rome as the Catholic Church's power center in the 14th century. It's the scent of gothic cathedrals and Papal palaces, of tapestries imbued with centuries of incense. Of cold marble steps, holy relics and dark confessions. The recognizable smells of frankincense and myrrh open the high mass of Avignon, giving way to the almost eye-smarting, gloriously smoky and resinous heart. A dry vanilla and soft Roman chamomile dull the edges of this reverent fragrance. Beautiful, dark and mysterious, Avignon takes its place among the most talked about (and admired) of CdG's entire line.

Here is what I smell like:
The actual original frankincense the wisemen brought to jesus that has recently been dug up from under a pile of burning wood.

I thought it couldn't get worse so I went ahead and sprayed a bit of Vannile Bourbon on it, just to see what would happen. Now I smell like after they pulled the frankincense from the burning pile they rolled it around inside of a my little pony doll.

On my left writs, smack inside the circle is Calypso Vanille (can you find the theme?)

Here is the description:
Don’t be fooled by the name. Calypso’s vanilla is not a sweet, moist cookie of a scent (just thought we should let you know). It’s a burst of equal parts vanilla, bergamot (think: orange, grapefruit and lemon) and orange blossoms. A scrummy concoction of all the things we love best, all wrapped up in background of white musk. Vanille is a sophisticated creamy, musky floral/vanilla with remarkable lasting power…we could smell its warm musky vanilla traces many hours after first applying. Dreamy, creamy, rich and fabulous!

**I hated this in the bottle. I hated this on the paper. I sprayed it on anyway. BUG SPRAY!! Horrible acrid horrible bugspray, look out sister, this is horrible!

Nine hours later, I kind of secretly like it. It smells like my mom on the beach in 1984, almost sweet, a little floral with an underpinning of coppertone. The downer is that there is also something very "perfumey" about it that makes me think it is probably popular among the big hair set in Dallas.

On the compass I have the aforementioned Vanille Bourbon
Vanilla lovers, it’s time to rejoice! Two types of orchid are used to bring to mind an intense, sweet, rich vanilla fragrance, anchored with the delicious scents of heliotrope, exotic tiare and warm amber. This is an instant smile and an easy laugh…it’s soft vanilla joy in a bottle. Easygoing yet totally addictive (we mean it—we crawled over two tables one day to find exactly what gorgeous vanilla was enticing us so!), this is the finest bourbon vanilla we’ve ever laid our noses on. The Absolu version is strong—an amazing plus for any vanilla scent (and wonderful staying power, too!) Did we say addictive? Vanille Bourbon has left us with a loss for words, so we’ll just say, “WOW!”

What does the compass smell like? Avignon. That stuff has moved in and taken over. I'll have to talk about that one another time I guess.

Wow, I've bored myself. Sorry about that.


Anonymous said...

speaking of tattoos...what all do you have?

TONI said...

Dear Clementine,

Loved the ""!...
I used to do that too...spraying and testing all kinds of what I would 'perceive' as my 'potential favorites' and ended up smelling like trash...or worst, the waif of my 'self-mixed concoction' was so bad it gets to the head and I end up feeling sick, hurling in the process...seriously.

As I've mentioned, I love the choice of words you use and the way you write...never failed to put a smile on my face or even laughing to myself (which my mom always think that I'm nuts, laughing into the monitor).

Btw, how many tattoos do you have? As far as I've noticed, you have the 'compass' and the 'circle' but where's the '5'...sorry, I must be blind...oh, I'm also a 'proud owner' of 7 tattoos with one quite similar with your "compass"... ;)

You are doing an exceptionally GREAT JOB!!...Please keep it up! ;)

Looking forward to your next blog...

Take Care, gal...
"don't forget to eat your vegetables and call your sister."
- Quote by Ms.Cybil Shepherd...*sorry,just kidding* :)

God Bless,


queenofhollywood said...

Hi Clementine,

For me it counts today's post, because here is almost friday evening.

You have very interesting point of view about the way things smell. I never think about it.

Don't be sorry for sharing your thoughts and experiences with others... NEVER!! ¿Do you heard me?

I love reading your blog everyday, it's very entertaining and interesting, it always put a smile on my face because I feel that in this way I have the chance to know you better. I'm enjoying reading it, so please keep 'em coming. Looking forward your next update!

By the way, I don't think you should delete it all after 30 days!

Yeah, definitively you have to tell us how many tattoos do you have.

And I wanna thank you because thanks to your MySpace I have found my dear friend Toni.

She's a great gal, just like you! You'll enjoying reading her comments.

Have a great weekend ;)

The Grey Tree said...

I have to say that I very much enjoy your writing. I especially enjoyed this about the smells as I have a very interesting story concerning mixing a number of scents concluding in what can only be described as "sexy pumpkins". I'd love to share, but this is your space to express yourself. Keep it up.

TONI said...

Aww, are making be blush like a lobster...Thank you for the little 'shout-out' and I would like to thank dear Clementine for 'helping' me find you in MySpace too...Hope that you don't mind me posting this message here, Clementine...I can't think of a better way to Thank you both at once... ;)

Clementine and queenofhollywood?
YOU GALS ROCK!!...Luv you both!

Enjoy your weekend!

God Bless,