Tuesday, April 22, 2008


People are dying. I don't say this to be hilarious, it's just a fact. A human brain parasite can alter fear. It can create symptoms of schizophrenia. It can't kill you by itself, but it can make you kill yourself, if that doesn't get you, the medication for chronic hepatitis c that should save you might give you a stroke. 
A fourteen year old son can lose his mother because no one believed her. 
A woman can watch love dwindle to the loss of life.
A young old man can get multiple myeloma and die.

Go watch Harold and Maude. I've got nothing for today.

Rest in peace P.


Anonymous said...

its not the quantity of words but the quality.
your nothing meant something.

Sara said...


Your so right. My dad died when I was 21. It was and still is the hardest things to let go of someone you love. You have to enjoy your life because you never know when it's going to be your time to leave the people you love. my dad had Lupus he had all three types of lupus. He had about 20 major surgeries. He was diagnosed with lupus when I was 4 years old. The last two major Surgery before he died was amputating one of his legs and Repairing his heart Valves. He was a stong man and I wish I was as brave as he was. I thought I would share this with you. You so right in what you say. I really enjoy reading what you write. Have a great day.

The Amatuer Writer said...

Short as you might think, this piece was so powerful, it provoked me to think, evaluate and try to balance 'life' itself. For some reason, I think that death is not scary...life is.

Thanks for sharing.

Stay well and cool, dear Clem.


Just Me... said...

Your "I've got nothing for today" was a HUGE something. Your writing is so poignant even in it's simplicity!

queenofhollywood said...

Very powerful. This is the piece the most touch my heart by far!!

Your nothing is ALWAYS meant something huge for me.

I almost die the day I was born so always I have considered my 'life' as a gift. The people were thinking that I wasn't going to overcome all the handicaps and on monday I'll turn 24 years old.

We never know how long the things can last.... the only thing we know in this life is that anything can happen. So we have to enjoy our life as much as possible.

Thank you, one more time, for sharing your feelings with us.

I truly admire and respect you as a person and actress.

Have a great day, my dear Clem.

breezeart said...

What a powerful words: "I've got nothing for today"

Ironic...it got everything...life itself is as it is...it's just a pass through...it's not ours...it's a journey that it will end on its time....unexpected...

Lost someone closer to you, it's not way to describe with words the feeling…. it's so unpredictable...

My father died…..two years after his death...

My mom died too ...she had a stroke…
on march 3, 3am...it was the most difficult and hard time of my life...
I was there with her, alone in the hospital...seeing how she was dying...totally unexpected.
She was ok; doctors said. But she was not....

She had gone away, But still she live in my soul, my being, my heart........
and still now, I cannot calm yet my weeping…
Here I am, waiting the eternal flight to take her hand.

Anonymous said...

Hola Clementine!

... I think your "nothing" is really something meaningful!...

muchos saludos :D
take care
-Silvia Meléndez

Anonymous said...

I lost my mom 14 years ago this October. I was so depressed and I questioned everything . . why her?, why at 45?, why our mom?,why did I have a kid that im just going to leave eventually?, and then 3 months or so went by and my grandmother came to my house and said something I'll never forget "You have a 2 year old that is counting on you to teach her all the things your mom taught you. Now get your ass out of that bed and take a shower!" She could be a little bossy, but she was totally right not only about the shower but also that my daughter was counting on ME. The pain never goes away but it does get easier to bear. Thats why I believe you have to live every moment to the fullest with no regrets.

Take Care,

Wanda said...


I sensed that your were a deeply caring person. There is so many things there on value, communication, and the bewilderment of life. I find deeply painful, you tuly are powerful writer with your perspectives. I have not watched Harold and Maude for quite some time, and I'm going to pair it with Sliding Doors. Clementine thanks for the reminder.

Much love, and wishing you the best in all things

KID said...

One PM finally rolls around
I take my place right beside him
He says "Angel eight pennies on this one"
I match his eight from my pocket i dug
When footballs on we hardly make a sound
We pick our teams only on a whim
Not caring about the outcome when it is done
We bet only on putting pennies in the jug
When it breaks we throw about the bull
Game returns we share respect for a good play
My team stumbles, he gives my shirt a tug
His team has it and may go all the way
We bet only on putting pennies in the jug
In his favor the fat lady sings her song
Now those days are called far away
For now it seems so wrong
If I had only known that day
I would be the last to put the pennies in the jug

I never had a father figure in my life until I was 16. That man that came into my life was a friends father. Every Sunday we would watch football together. He was the first person that died in my life when I was an adult. I wrote that for him

Amaranth said...

This inspired me to work on something similar.

Its on my blog. Its the one with the newspaper clippings.