Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Blogger ate my homework

I had a whole little essay ready to go and blogger ate it, so this is today's post...


Anonymous said...

Next time, you should just go to New Mexico. A) you'd be going somewhere. B) We have real Mexican(though it's actually New Mexican) food and C) The gas is about 70 cents to a dollar cheaper

I like the whole hand drawn plus photo blog thing. It makes it more personal.

breezeart said...

Like the story board you did to tell your adventure to the Latin neighborhood along with the photos;
It’s kind of confusing the sequence but I love the original idea to tell the experience ;)

He, he, what adventure...not idea you like "banda machos", I think the "mariachi" is the real and traditional Mexican Music; but hey, everybody has different taste of music; I rather to listen mariachi live than "banda machos",
If you really want to taste a real Mexican food, just in Mexico my dear! In USA, the mexican restaurants (some) have great food, but still don’t have the real and original taste from Mexico.
If you like "churros", you will get crazy of those in Mexico, yummy!!
Mexico is not just huaraches and churros; you have to visit the cities as Morelia, Cuernavaca, Guanajuato, Puebla, Mexico city, etc..ok, ok..., Cancun, Los Cabos too....wonderful beaches!! and LOT OF FUN (crazy, crazy!!..)
next time that you really want to explore and have fun, got to Mexico dear!!
...oh! It won’t free though ;)

Atomu said...

The left-hand drive is cool!
It is common to drive the car of a right-hand drive in Japan.
If I drive a car in the United States, an accident will be caused absolutely.
Of course I follow a manner.
I will put away the breakage to the trash box!

"It wasn't free or fun, so forget it!" You said, but I enjoyed it.
Your one side that it is funny, and is humor.
Because you write a sentence with various photographs, my homework progresses very much!

queenofhollywood said...

Hey Clemmie! ;)

Thanks so much for sharing your personal photos and experiences.

It's so creative idea to tell the travel by photos.

What a exciting adventure...

I like churros too... mmm! and I don't like very much "banda machos" (like you said..).

Next time you have to go to Mexico, gal!

Oh, and of course, after... you definitively have to come and visit Spain. Here the food and music is good too and you'll fun. There are so many interesting things that you can visit here.

The Grey Tree said...

Um, just noticed this and found it highly amusing: when you wrote "mmmm..." all of you m's have three humps, but when you're just writing a word, the m's are normal two humped m's. that is all.