Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pure Magnetism...

If you have never heard of The Magnetic Fields I urge to go out or online right now and listen to "i". It's been one repeat in my ear for a long time now. I can't even begin to express the brilliance. Just do it!


Anonymous said...


I went on I Tunes and listened to "I". I always want to hear new music and music people thinks good. I have to say it's not my favorite. It's kind of weird lol. Sorry. I'm glade you like it. :) Have a great day.


anobscureobject said...

: ) i LOVEE the magnetic fields! "i" is definitely my fave album of theirs next to 69 love songs vol. 1

The Amatuer Writer said...

As far as music is concerned, I am always open to all kind(s) of genre. Got to admit that I am 'digging' the indie/electro/pop genre at the moment..Funny you suggested The Magnetic Fields (do you think it's fate again? I really liked it; especially the brilliant addition of violin and cello in their compositions. Great stuff!..Great stuff!?, how lame is that?..What? They Do sound Great and I Do Not Beg To Differ!

Thanks for 'opening' yet another interesting 'window' for me..I seriously love you for!

Stay well and cool, dear Clem.


Atomu said...

I listened to their music for the first time.
The sound which mixed the raw musical instrument and the electronic instrument together, and contained oldness on the whole is comfortable to an ear.
The words which added the exquisite twist to the stock phrase, and the singing voice which is full of a sense of mortality.
I like their music very much!

queenofhollywood said...

I'm listening right now their music for the first time. I really like it!

I like to hear new music.

Recently I'm discovering a lot of new interesting things. And all it's your fault... lol! Thank you for that :)

Have a great day, Clem.

Amaranth said...

Oh my God, I love The Magnetic Fields! I don't know why,but for some reason their music is reminiscent of Interpol and Radiohead. In Rainbows is a brilliant record! The vocalist from The Magnetic Fields sounds a bit like Steve Kilbey from The Church and Paul Banks from Interpol.

...and I've found the perfect opportunity to ramble.

Anonymous said...

I never heard about The Magnetic Fields so I tried but it doesn't works with me.
I like the music specially on "I Thought You Were My Boyfriend" but I don't really like the voice.
I think it's just not my thing.

Have a great day !!!


Rui Ferreira said...

You all know something that I really hate? Kissing someone's ass! It looks like your doing her a favour..

Anyway, I've listened to the song before, and it's good. But not my favorite song from the magnetic fields.

You should listen to soul's of fire! They're amazing!

Anonymous said...

aaaah.... let's ignore that then

Wanda said...


I'm definately going to check out Magentic Fields "i". Ihis song must be truly powerful in what there saying. Clementine your tastes in things are truly on par with mine.

Thank you,


The Crimson Rose said...

Who? what? do a favor for the dirty ballerina! How could we be so vile to even consider something of the sort!


besides, who is this dirty ballerina? I don't know her,Do you? No.
So we're all all right!

Anonymous said...

Maybe some of your comments on her words were a little bit exaggerated which make others wonder if you're just trying to please her, coz most of the comments on the blog are praise...
I think she would like to hear something other than praise, right?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely... but I also think, whoever was praising here, was praising the band not her work.

Not like commenting on a person's music choice can please them, unless they're taking credit for the music

breezeart said...

Dear Dirty Ballerina: I checked them out..Cool music..But I guess not for me right now ;)

Btw, not idea why here not one referring you as "Dirty Ballerina";
I mean, this is Dirty Ballerina's blog, isn't?
So, who is clem??!! ;)

The Crimson Rose:
I’m totally agree with you!!
We don’t know her, even we don’t know this the same person? Course it’s not.

I love this mystery...

This is the magic of the great writer, who can be able to transport us to different dimensions, different times, different characters...and you Dirty Ballerina has amazed me...
All my respect to you.

rui ferreira said...

Yes, we know who she is breezeheart. And yes it's praise. I'm not dumb, and I can clearly see that a lot of people LOVE everything that she says and likes. Which is fine, 'cause she has good taste, but sometimes is a little exagerated.

But I undestand, totally understand.

Happy Kid said...

Since we're talking about music,I just thought I'd say....

Good Morning Baltimore
Every day's like an open door
Every night's like a fantasy
Every sound's like a symphony

MusicIsLove said...

i think exaggeration is fine, let's talk about something else, after all, music matters. :)

The Amatuer Writer said...

Whoa, whoa..hold on guys..let's comment on the content of the blog rather than dissing on "kissing so n' so's @$$"..I think we are all consenting 'adults' and know what we like or dislike; regardless of "Who" the blogger is, right? I, for one would not even bat an eyelid IF the "person" does not impress/inspire me the least and would certainly not be 'kissing' one's @$$ nor would I want any one to kiss mine, lol..We are all here to comment on a certain 'topic' so let's just stick to it, okay?

Peace out. Stay well and cool.


Alma de pollo said...

I know who you are, you are a Dirty Ballerina. Me, I'm a Chicken's Soul.
Thanks for the music, this is for you ;) : (It sounds, for me, like a lullaby)

Un beso.

crazygreen1126 said...

Never heard of them, but I love checking new music out!!