Monday, April 14, 2008

Cheesy yes, but it had to be said...

Many of you have started your own blogs and posted videos and have opened your minds to writer's and writing styles you may not have been familiar with. I just want to say how happy that makes me. I have a friend who reads my blogs and from our conversation this morning she looks forward to your comments more than what I've actually written. Not only am I not mad at that, I'm stoked! (Yes, I said stoked and used an exclamation point, what?) I was thinking I should save this for the end of my thirty days, but what for? You should know that someone out there is reading and enjoying what you write, right now! (yes, another exclamation point, look for an explanation in the future.) Change happens when you open yourself up and march forward fearlessly. Let your voice be heard!!! (yep, there they are again.)


Krøllebølle said...

That's awesome! Well, I'm not a great writer and I never claimed to be one, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the talent of others. When I write, I just write whatever I feel like at the moment, and who knows, I might actually become quite decent one day. I enjoy writing, but I'm a bit intimidated. I'm afraid to get too personal, but on the other hand, I find comfort in writing, putting words on paper and just let it out. I sometimes write for therapeutic reasons, it helps me get some of my frustrations out when the spoken words are not enough. Does that make sense??! It does to me and for me that's the most important reason. God, this was only supposed to be a comment =) I for one appreciate your openness, whether it's fact or fiction, in this blog of yours. So thanks, thanks for sharing and for opening my eyes and ears to new things.

Anita said...

So much reading for me :D
I'm studing in these days Contemporary American and English Literature, English Literature from 19th century and Old English!

I'm gonna read your blog (a great entertainment during I'm working jeje) but the links and other readings...maybe one day :D

A much time do you spend on writing one entry?
Do you think so much before publish it? Simply I'm curious..


Amaranth said...

That's funny,albeit interesting.

TONI said...

"Change happens when you open yourself up and march forward fearlessly. Let your voice be heard!!!" - Quote by The Dirty Ballerina, 14th April 2008.
'Creepily' Funny how your quote somehow coincides with my blog's topic about 'CHANGES' that I'd posted... (please do have a 'look-see' should you have the time)

You are indeed the sole inspiration and strenght for me to even think about starting my own I've mentioned, before 'You Happened', I was hardly anywhere 'near' My own Page and now here I am; writing, reading, sharing, learning from your blogs! (haha, there's your exclaimation mark)

There are just so much to learn...

I am blessed to have 'found' a new friend in you and an 'outlet' to share my thought(s), opinion(s) and most of all some of my 'inner' feeling(s) to which I would assume that not a single soul has 'access' to, unless they are my "Friends" in MySpace! (oh, there's the mark again and yup, I am that obnoxious...haha)

Whoa, so much for 'a' comment *blush*...

Last but not least, I would sincerely like to thank you dear Clementine, for 'liberating my cooconed-self'; well, at least in this site...haha

Stay well and cool, gal. Luv ya!


Alma de pollo said...

I loved some of your thougts, specially ''The nose as a window to the soul''. Smells, since I was child, always have been important for me. Every person has his own and particular smell which pervades everything. Sometimes when I'm far from home, I only have to smell my pyjama, for example, and I feel I'm in home.
The smells that relax me are ones which reminds me my childhood or my mum. It's incredible what a smell can do!

Hugs from Spain

queenofhollywood said...

As I've mentioned before, until now I was hardly wrote about my inner feelings.

I was too afraid to sharing my thoughts, and most of all my insecurities, fears and feelings with the world. But you have changed that, you are indeed my inspiration and strenght for me to open my heart.

I'm not afraid anymore because thanks to you, I realize that I have so much to give to others as anybody else.

I'm so happy to have a new friend in you and most important for me as a person I can trust and tell everything. And it really means a world to me.

You can consider yourself lucky because there aren't many people whom I tell everything in the way as I do with you.

So thanks, thanks so much Clementine for give the courage to open myself to the people and for open my mind to new and interesting things.

¿What more can I say?

I think that I already have said too much times all this... or not enough.

Atomu said...

Your article about the smell was interesting. I will say daringly here.
"The woman is in love with the person of the smell same as father".
I watched the TV program of such a smell special feature.
My father discharges aging odors.
It is hard to accept that smell.
It is wrong clearly to have said on TV.
Please break a Japanese TV program!

lil yankee said...

Is nice sometimes to write down all those ideas and thought that come through our minds all day long.

And is even more nice to see that there is a lot of people out there who does it and is not afraid to show that the mind is not consequential at all!

Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

Next thing tomorrow i'll post my dream for everyone to read! Hilarious!

KID said...

well hey thank you for the inspiration- i would like to think im an ok writer just above mediocre-