Friday, April 18, 2008

I've been asked...

about my process and revisions and drafts. While I won't give everything away because that is no fun I will say that what ends up here is, for the most part, completely rough and unedited. As for fact or fiction. look to your right. see that column right there? read it. 
Most of what I write is based very loosely on something that actually happened if not to me then to a friend of mine... or inspired by something I heard or read. I recently wrote a story, that isn't here, that came out of listening to a certain record over and over again and while it's extremely personal, it never happened to me. 


Alma de pollo said...

yep, this is the power of the imagination. To write stories that never happen to you; you're a good writer if people believe the story and think that it is happened to you.

The Amatuer Writer said...

lol...Think I am starting to sound like a 'broken record', telling you what an exceptionally awesome writer you are!!...What? I do not care...because I sincerely love your choice of words and writing style! YOU!...You keep me inspired.
Thank you.

Have a GREAT weekend.
Stay well and cool, dear Clem.


queenofhollywood said...

Hey Clem,

Wow, awesome as always.

I don't know what to say...

This is one of those times when I read something that you write and I'm speechless.

Sometimes I don't have words to express what I feel about something you write. Does this have any sense?

That is how amazing, powerful and inspiring your words are, gal!

You keep me inspiring a lot.
Thank you.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Wanda said...


Thanks for sharing pieces of your writing process. It's clearly evident you have been writing for many years, and are truly gifted, and passisonate. I don't think it's relevant if these stories are necessary about your life. There so much wit, and truth in your writing I'm blown away. Clementine there is so many layers to your talent. Your such a true treasure, and beautiful beyond words.

Much love

Thank you

KID said...

music is inspiring and it evokes that emotion