Monday, July 14, 2008

You leave yesterday behind, not entirely by accident on purpose. You take a good last look around and run as fast as you can toward tomorrow, looking back once or twice to make sure you aren't being followed. You take sharp, blind corners that go nowhere.  You hide from ghosts and run into brick walls that are everywhere. You laugh when you should be crying and fall where you are expected to stand. You can't breathe. You have to run. She is waiting for you. You push her down and keep going. You wait for air. You find yourself lost, on a pink couch, counting on a freezer. 


The Amatuer Writer said...

Don't we all experienced this kind of 'scenario' once, too often?
Great sense of delivery..
I like it..

Thank you.

Stay well, strong and cool, DB.

xoxo ;)

breezeart said...

I love this writting, I really enjoy when you write metaphores.
this one is really deep; it's in each of us, it's how we deal with's how each taste their own moments...

in this case , your character is out of place, fighting with her own life, devasted and screaming in silent..inside a cycle..waiting to end.
who/what is your character?!! LIFE

this is my perception....

I truly love it!!!
welcome back with the GREAT writting...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your great essay.

The psychological characterization is truly superb. It was deeply impressed on my mind.
That is life...
By the way, what's bothering you?
Sorry, it's joke ! B,