Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What kind of towels do you use? Are they skinny or fat towels? And I'm not talking about the width of the towel. If you don't know the difference, move on, you won't get it. If you've never been an overnight guest and been offered something to cover yourself with that barely fits around your wrist, you won't get it.

For those who do get it, you feel my pain. You know the debate, Do you risk tits or ass in your mad dash from the bathroom to the guest room? Neither choice is particularly appropriate but when confronted with this situation one must choose. Myself, I go for the ass. When the ass is covered it's much easier to keep the tits in check while sprinting. I know what you're thinking, why not just take your clothes into the bathroom and dry off and change in there? Well Smartypants, I have done when necessary but it still takes more than a kleenex to clean up an elephant sneeze. Get my drift?


thelivingdoll said...

azz n titties

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. But hummm… tough one to choose (ass or titties???)
Well,I would have to agree with you and just go for the ass.
However, if I was at my “FRIEND’S HOUSE” LOL... I would take the risk and go for NONE of the above.
Yeah, I said it NONE/NAKED.

Anonymous said...

U r awesome

Karen said...

Too Funny!!! Cover the titties. let the ASS show for all to see!!!!

Amaranth said...

hahaha it kills me to think about that.How annoying. But luckily wherever I've stayed,I've had big towels to use.

the crimson rose said...

Cover the front with the towel as in let the towel hang vertically infront of your front and walk backwards to the guest room ahahhaha

dont ask, how its happened

The Amatuer Writer said...

Hahaha! Freakin' Hilarious - that's IF it didn't happen to one-self!..But if the situation did 'unfortunately' occur, I'll have to go with crimson rose's suggestion.. ;)

DB, you poor thing, I do feel your pain..
Option 1: I'd make a mental note to bring my own towel the next time I know I'd be spending a night at the same house.
Option 2: I'd NEVER spend the night at the same house EVER again! - Erm..unless, I'm really immobile or paralysed, at that very moment, then guess I'd have to still cover the front, vertically and start rolling to and fro from the bathroom!..lol

Interesting topic for one to ponder..it might not be in the Headline(s) but it's little 'situations' such as this that really gets you thinking; "Why the hell must this Always happen to me!"..lol

Thank you for sharing, DB.

As always; Stay well, strong and cool..

xoxo ;)