Friday, July 4, 2008

Think sober white chicks can't dance? Watch me....

I like to dance, I might even love it, if I'm in the mood and the music is right. I have no rhythm, even less balance and two left feet. Still, I dance. One thing I've heard a lot is, how do you do that sober? ARen't you embarrased? Or someone will be sitting alone and I'll go over to thema nd invite them to join us and the response is, "Oh, I'll need a few more drinks for that to happen." Why? If it's something you enjoy, why do you need a few more drinks? WHy does it really matter whether you are drunk or sober? Truth? I may think I'm, flashdance when I'm drunk, but I;m still me, in all my shining, disastrous glory. So I figure, why not just shake what your mama gave you and have fun anyway? I am  the dirty ballerina after all. 


Anonymous said...

To be honest, I never saw a sober white chick dancing... well I guess I'll have to be more specific on that.
I never saw a sober white chick dancing at a nightclub or bar. Better now??? I hope so...
But, I would pay to see you dancing with your two left feet.

bunny235 said...

I want to see your dance.

Atomu said...

I love a dance. I get money when I dance on a street. 
If there is an opportunity, please teach me a dance of DB.
I show a dance of DB on a street and intend to earn large sum of money. ;D

The Amatuer Writer said...

Oh yea, you go do your thang!..shaking em' your mama's blessings and have all the fun you want!..I mean, who's gonna stop you? The police? You ain't doin' anythin' 'illegal'!..Enjoy what you feel like doin' and don't give a 'freaking frack' what others might be thinkin'..!!
While I'll just sit back and enjoy watchin' you dance with your two left feet coupled with erm..maybe an 'occasional-drink-spitting-laugh'!? Or Two!?..hehehe!

Thank you.

As always; Stay well, strong and cool, dear DB.

xoxo ;)

queenofhollywood said...

To be honest, I don't like dance. I don't have the rhythm to dance with the music.

Besides, what can I say?. I'm too shy to dance in front of people. A girl in the corner of the pub sitting alone watching people dancing, it would be me!

And yes, definitively my response if someone invited me to dance will be, like you said, "Oh, I'll need a few drinks for that to happen." So, isn't gonna happen never because usually I don't drink too much.

I'm only had dance when I was little in a school festivals and events like that. A long, long time ago. When I wasn't conscious yet about the ridiculous I was doing. Then, I grow up and dance ends for me.

It's strange because my mom loves to dance. The most part of the day she's dancing sevillian dance, salsa and merengue Cuba dance. She's too busy! It's her hobby and she enjoys a lot. If she's happy doing that, me too.

My mom always tells me I have to dance and things like that, and my response it's always the same: "You already dance for me". Then she gives me a glare look... it's funny!

Definitively in this aspect I'm not like my mother and neither to you. LOL!

Have a great weekend. Stay well DB! :D

the crimson rose said...

I knew someone who couldn't dance for shit. But I loved dancing with them anyway.

Karen said...

I'll have the Jack and Coke then I'll see ya on the dance floor!!!!

S said...

When I read this it reminded me of The Kooks song, "She Moves In Her Own Way" I like that song, I like this post, and I love that attitude.