Tuesday, July 1, 2008

people amaze me...

Recently the story of the aztec death whistle has been floating around. If you haven't heard about it, google it. I would quote it but that isn't the point of this post. Basically, some folks found an old whistle buried with one of the Aztecs... it sat around for a long time and then some guy blew it and it is supposedly the sound of death. What I want to know is, who does that? Who wakes up and thinks, "hmm, I think I will put my mouth on an old whistle, covered in dead guy dust and blow"? Seriously. That is disgusting and it certainly can't be hygenic. 

A few hours after I saw that, I saw this. I mean, god love him and no, i don't have asthma or crippling allergies, but, infecting yourself with hookworm? he should go hang out with the whistle blower.


imnotarobot said...

I read this too early in the morning and I think I am going to throw up.

Ooh we got our Save The Date cards today. I have to get them out. Oh man I am tired. I have the polaroids from your bday and the mutant magnets someone left. I suppose this is more of a text message or IM but I am too lazy to retype everything so here it all is as the longest blog comment ever.

Karen said...

Interesting....yeah people amaze me everyday. I am a Headline News junkie and the things that I see going on everywhere....simply amaze me. Some good some not so good.

The Amatuer Writer said...

The Aztec Whitle story is really creepy!

But I think the one with hookworms is quite 'nobel' if you look from a scientific aspect. I mean, that is what researchers do, right?
'Wriggly' and 'itchy' as it sounded (Thank God, NO PICTURES accompanied the article..haha!), it is still good to know that they are enthused (and better still, people out there who actually agreed to be 'guinea pigs')about their work. Who knows? At the end of the day, something "good" might be achieved in a scientific aspect-(a new 'cure', perhaps?)...

Thanks for sharing this. It really 'open' my eyes and had me actually thinking about it for a bit. Its stuff like these that you'd post which is 'educational' & thought-provoking but I also love reading your other 'stuff'. You've a great Vocab and you already know that I love your style of writing..

Stay well, strong and cool, DB.