Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Penny Wise and Book Foolish - Vincent Starrett
Fried Green Tomatoes - Fannie Flagg
The TIme Machine - H.G. Wells

One week's worth of books. Two are old stand bys that I love and one is a new to me classic. Sometimes it's easy to forget about those little volumes that sit, for years, on your shelf that you once loved and kind of forgot about. It's made me want to go back through and see what else I've been missing. I think next will  be Farenheit 451, it lives in the glove box of my car, just in case. 


karen said...

Love, Love, Love Fried Green Tomatoes and The Time Machine!!!!
I was recently in New Orleans and was talking to a local and she told me a book to get. The title is
1 Dead in Attic. A reporter from New Orleans that lived through Katrina and lost his family among everything else. The people that were once strangers that became his friends after the storm. AWESOME BOOK!!! Touched me deeply!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey... I had an idea...
What you think about a bookclub? I think we should create one.

What you all think???

bunny235 said...

Fried Green Tomatoes is one of my favorite book. I was moved by women's friendship ! I read Fahrenheit 451 recently.
um... Warning to the fascism... This is a worthwhile book to read.
Fortunately, this book has been translated into Japanese, so I could read them EASILY !

LOL, Book Club ??? I agree with you. That's nice D,B Book Club!

j.f said...

oh you might wanna chuck in 'to kill a mockingbird' to that list of yours...for good measure

Just another lesbian said...

Oh man.. Fried Green Tomatoes! What a great book. I stumbled upon it when I was a security guard for an old people's condo building. Why someone hired a 5'3", 99 pound, femme chick to be a security guard, I'll never understand, but it led me to discovering Fannie Flagg, so I will forever be grateful. Welcome to the World, Baby Girl! is also really good.