Thursday, July 24, 2008


I spent $3.50 today. For my colossal expenditure I got a hard cover Norton Anthology of English Literature Volume 2, barely cracked. It's the exact one that died when I accidentally left it out in the rain. I also got The House of Myrth by Edith Wharton, something I've wanted to read since it was a clue in a riddle I never understood, and A Wrinkle in Time, because I lost the last one somewhere, somehow. Go Goodwill!!! They had some other amazing things but I would have been greedy had I marched out of there with a shopping cart full of stuff. 

** I promise my posts will get better. Gratefully busy at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Oh i think those are great finds!
say what you want to say and what you're feeling.
that is the whole point and what makes a good post!


The Amatuer Writer said...

$3.50 very well spent..considering what happened to the previous ones..lost or left out in the rain!?..poor books..tsk, tsk, how could you!?..hehehe!..joking! :)

Good to know you're busy at work!..Great to know that you'd still be blogging too!!..Always looking forward to reading them.

Stay well, strong and cool, DB.

xoxo ;)

thelivingdoll said...

i like it better when you write about azz n titties

imnotarobot said...

thelivingdoll is a pervert!

anobscureobject said...

mmm i once spent 2.50 for nine books at this flea market near my grandparents house. best day ever; i even like to brag about it to my friends.

p.s. do you ever randomly find yourself smelling the inside of your books?

lil yankee said...

I have 3 books for you :

1.The Passion
2.Art and lies
3.Written on the body

all by Jeanette Winterson