Tuesday, July 8, 2008

thirty in thirty creates desperate searches for things to write about

I'm thinking about birth control. I have been watching television more lately than I normally do and they keep showing these ads for new kinds of pills. The latest one gives you three or four periods a year. I see how that could be a good thing but on the other hand, isn't the sloughing off of the uterine lining kind of important? I mean, doesn't the body do this for a reason? Like urination, but not as often.  I guess it's fine but it just seems a little weird. I want to let my body do what it's supposed to. Sometimes I kind of like having a period. I kind of like that little reminder that this is what most separates me from men and that I will someday have children. Maybe it's me that's just a little weird.


Capt. Pinkpants said...

If it takes having a period to remind you that you aren't a man...
Well then, you might not want to look in the mirror, you'll be in for the surprise of your life!

PS. You will be fine with the plane. Trust me!!! Good luck this week! Also, remember to walk through other peoples shit and scream in the background!

PPS. I was so hungry today I was delirious. Was I even making sense?

Karen said...

The girls with bad periods....I'm all for the pill. Actually more girls should be taking the pill. Too many unwanted children out there.

texgirl said...

Humor of our cycle, we have a reason 2 be a “B” for 1 week out of the month and if you want children someday, well, our menstrual cycle is a cake walk compared to pregnancy (mom of 3).

Our body needs to be cleaned and attempt to regain balance, this is one of many reasons we have our cycle.

Girls on birth control and unwanted children, statistics are overwhelming, BUT does this give our teenagers permission to have sex, when they want (mom of 3)?

Depending on one’s stand (humor w/this statement), maybe more girls will be experimental and not be attracted to boys for a long time, now that would change the stats.
Bad periods can be somewhat suppressed by exercise, diet, change of lifestyle and etc…

Boobs and periods aren’t the only things that separate us from men (a topic w/i itself).

thelivingdoll said...

GO BOOBS! ps. gross.

Anonymous said...

If a boyfriend does not have a condom, I will not have a sex. A woman purchases a tampon and a male buys a condom. Period is the optimal excuse that avoids sex. It is the opinion of the pitiful woman who has an awkward boyfriend on a bed.

Cathy Brooks said...

Nice reference on the "GO BOOBS" ... (-:

But more to the point, brava for the 30 in 30 thing ... it's hard ... very hard.

As for topics - my suggestion is to stay still and listen hard in places where you'd normally be talking and adding to the general sound of a space ... Interesting things arise when you really pay attention.

The Amatuer Writer said...

Very Cool on the "Go Boobs" reference!! :)

There's a reason why God 'created' the menstrual cycle for girls/women..So try to not mess up the 'natural process'..it is sure to create some 'problems' for us, girls/women in one way or another; The most common problem?? - Being diagnosed with 'Unwanted Cyst' growth inside your body and worst, it could possibly lead to a maglinant status which is why we Should Not be taking the Freaking Risk!!
Let nature run its course...

Thank you for sharing, DB.

Stay Well, Strong and Cool.

xoxo ;)

BDub said...

also, ladytime is a time when you can eat blended mac 'n' cheese and follow it up with a brownie and no one is gonna say, "oof."

anonymous j said...

I hear ya on these crazy ads. Even ads for some sort of medication in general. Gad knows what it's for and by the end of the commerial all you know is, this products is name "bill" and has maybe about 12 side effects, that MAY only occur.
I find it very strange to pump your body with some strange pill or chemical to force it to do something off cycle or it's natural course.... like spinning the world the other way, because we just want it to go the other way. it must go one way for a reason right? hhmmmm.. it's like trying to make a fish fly...fly fish fly!
crazy. just crazy.

imnotarobot said...


I missed yesterday. I didn't post.

Dude, I went to work for a few hours then to jury duty and then went straight to Reagan's to help her get things packed since she is moving and finally got home at 9pm (oh and I still have food poisoning issues) and then barfed and went to bed.

Good thing we didn't agree on any consequences for missing a day haha. I will post twice today. How's that?