Sunday, June 15, 2008

When I was a child and there was some kind of trail mix thing that involved chocolate it always seemed like there was never enough, chocolate, not mix. Now that I am an adult there seems to be an over abundance of chocolate. I was just wondering, is it because they are actually putting in more chocolate, or is it because I no longer go through and pick out the chocolate bits first off?


jensou said...

It's a gorp conspiracy... but I'd guess it's a change in taste buds favoring the other fixings over the chocolate. Otherwise, whoever makes the trail mix is trying to capitalize on the benefits of chocolate (provides energy, it's supposedly good for the heart) and it's addictiveness, thus, you eat more and then buy more... unless of course, you're not picking out the chocolate bits first anymore.

The Amatuer Writer said...

Honestly?..If anything I'd think they just add in more 'chemical-flavoring' and not the real stuff. Hey, we are after all living in a 'Chemical-based World' nowadays, are we not? Like it or not, anything you eat, drink, use, wear has a certain amount of legal chemical element in them. Nothing is truly 'pure'/100% natural nowadays and sadly, that is how it works in the so-called 'Technologically, Scientifically Enhanced World' today. Please do try and tell me otherwise. Sometimes I really wish that we are not living in this environment and return back to the good 'ole' era where things/people are more pure and simple compared to the World of 'today'.
So, it is not so much that you'd stopped picking out the is what it is in this era and we have no choice but to live with it...
That's just my two-cents, anyway.


As Always; Stay Well, Strong and Cool, dear DB.

xoxo ;)

texgirl said...

Probably a little of both. I don't recall much chocolate in the trail mix (as a kid), however, were you adventurous enough 2 taste the other foods, if not, you didn't miss anything! If you pick out the chocolate first, SERIOUSLY, why bother finishing the package?
Trail mix w/chocolate is good and has many health benefits, ONLY IF IT CONTAINS DARK CHOCOLATE (70% cocoa or more). If any of you like dark chocolate or have ever tried it, you know the rich, intense flavor it has as the % of cocoa increases. Dark chocolate increases serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain and that contributes to a much happier ME. Milk chocolate does not have the health benefits as dark chocolate.