Friday, June 6, 2008

Sunset Junction?

Ok, I'm piggy backing on this post  by Capt. Pink Pants.
Sunset Junction is dead.

The street fair held at the end of August on Sunset Blvd. has been pretty lame for the last few years, anyway.
I have been attending this event for 10 years. Back when it was still actually an event for the local community.
The last few years pretty much sucked. 
What used to be a $3 donation is now a mandatory $15. 
$15 to walk down a street in my own neighborhood? Fuck off!
I mean, really? The organizers have gone on record saying that they need to charge so much to pay the "bigger bands". I thought the point of the festival was to bring the community together. I guess that costs money these days...
For Melissa and I it would cost $60 to feel like a part of the community for 2 days!

Anyway, they have released the line up for this years "Community street Fair". 
If you check the line up you will see that one of the acts on the first night is Isaac Hayes. Since when does Isaac Hayes live in Silver Lake? Since when is he a part of this community? I for one have never bumped into him while getting my morning coffee. 
On top of that, what happened to proving that you live in the area and getting in for free? This has nothing to do with the community, it has to do with the almighty dollar. i have half a mind to make signs and go out there and protest at the gates. This is just wrong. 


Anonymous said...

are u serious??? it increased from $3 to $15 mandatory/donation!?!?!
WOW... it is all i can say.

anobscureobject said...

OMG i looked at the line-up, thats insane! broken social scene...hell theyre not even american!and kinky?!honestly.

im all for the protest

The quirk phenom said...

What the hell is isaac hayes doing at Sunset Junction. I mean this whole spiel was something to unite Silverlake people, even though most of it is now gentrified, but the community is still vibrant. Who knows I might run into to isaac at the gelatto place.

thelivingdoll said...

they should have famous people that live in silverlake play this meghan toohey!

Anonymous said...

LOL... totally agree

Cathy Brooks said...

Okay so I don't really have a comment about this story per se, but did want to say howdy and great meeting you the Monday evening. And as a fellow blogger/writer sort, thought I'd chime in with some words of encouragement to get your fingers to keyboard and write, write, write!

Be well ...

The Amatuer Writer said...

And "they" said $$ is not a mandatory 'element' in life...HA! Who're "they" tryin' to kid? This is just plain hypocrisy and so sad!

Keep em' fine blog(s) comin', DB.

As always; Stay well, strong and cool, dear DB. xoxo