Monday, June 2, 2008

A note in reference to personal questions in comments

First, let me thank those who stood up for me before I had a chance to get to a computer to respond.
Second let me say that if you do not like what I post here, don't read it. No one forces you to push the play button on any videos, ever. On the right side of the page you will find the FAQs. The first answer to the first question should tell you everything you need to know. I post things I like. From my friends. Because I support them. 
I started this blog to put my work out there and to share the things and people that I enjoy and respect. Most of them are my nearest and dearest. So, just to get this out of the way...

Yes, I am dating.....
Meghan Toohey, Barbara Gruska, Rachael Cantu, Sam Carson, The Weepies and everyone who contributed to their record, The Wiggle Room, Farmhouse Magazine's website, Faith Soloway, Imnotarobotgirl, Capt Pink Pants, The cast of sordid lives, Magnetic fields, ariel gore, anne fadiman, kimya dawson and whoever else I happen to post about, mention or link to in the future. 
Does that answer your question?

Seriously, If you are only here to look for clues about my love life you are in the wrong place, you won't find any. You may see heartbreak but you will never know who, you may see happiness, but you will never know why, or sadness. So, If that is what you are looking for , you are in the wrong place. I would say if it's gossip you are looking for waltz your little self over to perez hilton... Oh wait, maybe I'm dating him too.


S said...

You tell'em! I love this blog because it's so eclectic. I live for discovering new things and artists to become fixated on, and this blog contributes to my needs beautifully. I think it's ridiculous and silly how people become so fixated on the personal lives of artists. There aren't too many people in "the biz" who are so open and available to the public, and that's another thing I love about this blog and the blogger. I have a blog: and it is so boring compared to this one. Keep posting, and keep sharing! It gets me through the oh so boring days in the production office. Kudos.

Anonymous said...

Hi! This is my first post,long time reader. Your blog is my favorites.
I understand what you say. You have a large following.
um... Devoted fans are interested in your private lives. It can't be helped. Well, Please take it easy !
I love the stories that you wrote.
You have a great admire in Japan.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

that's why i love you lol
i love what u said on this blog, or what u posted cuz they r interesting, dont bother about those people who want to know who you are dating. You are a star, a celebrity, so there will be times you have to face questions like that from people, so it's ok... just ignore them!

Anonymous said...

you are hotter when you are pissed anyways lol! i meant in the good way, take care!

queenofhollywood said...

Hi Clementine,

Let me tell you that you have forgotten to say that you are dating me too. I'm just kidding. I was trying to make you laugh, it works?. I hope so. I don't want to see you pissed off. So smile, smile, smile!!

I really bothered me when fans only focused on personal and love lives of artists. Just ignore them!

Well, I have to admit, I'm interested in your love life... I'm kidding again!!!
As you can see I really want you to smile.

I'm only interested in you as a awesome person you are.

Thanks for vlog video, they are so hilarious.

I have been quite sad these days and I needed laugh as I just have done watching that video. Hope I make you laugh with my comment too.

Keep up sharing interesting thinks like these.

Stay well, gal!

Anonymous said...

LMAO.. Sorry but I had to laugh I couldn't help.
U dating Perez Hilton?!?! Just hilarious.

ivana said...

why are people so pathetic? it's ridiculous how people become obsessed with wanting to know intimate details about artists' lives. I believe that rude people just don't care that they are rude. they don't care about the feelings of others and say what they want to no matter whose feelings they hurt.

I like your blog, because of it I now know more about Meghan Toohey and of course about other great things....thanks again for sharing....

keep up the good work:)

Sivia M. said...

Nicely said Clementine =)
I can tell you got pissed but you you made it funny too :D saying you may be dating Perez Hilton haha, that was freaking cool!

Just hope that those rude and inappropiate comments wont make you stop posting all those cool things you share with us, cuz I really enjoy them :D
anyways, hope everything is going great with you =)
take care
muchos saludos

-Silvia M.

crazygreen1126 said...

Hahaha...That was fucking awesome. I loved it. If you're dating all those people, then maybe I do have a chance in hell...LOL!! J/K :)

Capt. Pinkpants said...

Were dating!
I always wanted to date a dancer.
A dirty one at that!

imnotarobot said...

i love dating you. xoxo.

The Amatuer Writer said...

Very well said, DB! *applauses*..Like I've always said; I love your writing style and this could not be a better example. Being clearly pissed but still able to respond in a light, humourous style!..kudos to you, DB!
Just ignore those 'gossip-hungry' folks...and as for you "gossip-hungry" folks; please do go searching else where for other people's private life 'stuff' coz' this is clearly Not The Right Place for it. Disappointed? I truly apologize.

"Stay well, strong and cool, DB." xoxo


Capt. Pinkpants said...

You know, now that I think about it...
Im not so sure I want to date you.
It's kinda cool to date the entire cast of a movie, or a band, a room, even my fiancee.
That said, dating a magazines website seems kinda sad. I dont think nerds even do that? How are you gonna hump?
I am going to re-evaluate our dating relationship.
Let me know how it works out with the website.

texgirl said...

:( for the delayed response, but I have been out of/off of the net for a bit and I want to jump in on this one, it has hit home (all the way to TX). In rare form today (plz roll w/the sarcasm.).

Can you take a compliment? Can you see they are crying out 2 you, 2 help save their love life?

Have you not figured out that only celebrities have a love life?
These individuals want notes, so they can improve their love life.
O.K., it's time Clementine! Just admit that you are really sexy, have a great smile and good in other areas, this is your life,
which, these individuals obviously don't have because they are trying to dig into yours, they really need to take up a hobby or find something better to do that will occupy their shallow minds. Some of us (celebrity or not) have a social life that does not always mirror our private life and people in general don't take the time to respect the privacy of others. I wonder, how would they feel if their love life was exposed for anyone to read, oh wait, they don't have one, that's why they are needing info about yours.

People like that, you open the door and tell them to go and don't let the door hit'em on the ass on their way out.

I enjoy your writing and thanks for the extras.

Debbie said...

i feel left out