Monday, June 30, 2008

more notes..

1. note to self, only right bike to trader joe's in the middle of the day when absolutely necesary, i.e. roads closed due to sudden appearence of gaping whole in the middle of sunset blvd. or similiar, so as not to cook lettuce. 

2. Douchebags in big trucks for  no reason... don't block the bike lane and then make kissy kissy noises at girls riding by and then proceed to check out their cleavage in your side mirror. We can see you!!! Contrary to what you might think, it is not an invisibility mirror.

3. Avoid eating clementines when nails are cut too short. It burns! It burns!!(I guess eating them is fine, just have someone else peel them for you.

4. One final note to self... avoid riding bike with ill placed hole in jeans... It burns! It burns!


The Grey Tree said...

you make me laugh! I love to laugh!

The Amatuer Writer said...

My colleagues think I'm nuts laughing out loud, spitting tea into the computer screen and it's all your fault!...hehehe!

OK, maybe I'm nuts because I cannot stop laughing at point 4...seriously!

Stay well, strong and cool, dear DB.

xoxo ;)

sivia M. said...

haha you are soo cool and funny =)
Glad to hear thirty in thirty is back on!

take care
-Silvia M.

Anonymous said...

eating clementines?! Sweet Jesus! NEVER NEVER peal them with nails freshly cut shorty?! Sorry you had to learn the hard way - but you must admit - LESSON WELL LEARNED!!! But Clementines are very good to eat and sometimes well worth the pain! (smirk)

Atomu said...

It is pleasant to mix a joke and to study English.
"Don't eat DB." I add verboten to English notebook!! :D