Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm at work. Translation: I'm being paid to blog while watching the phone and waiting for it to ring. I am also alternating 2 glasses of water and 1 cup peppermint tea to pass the time. I feel pretty clean. I think I may have accidentally, wirtually given up diet coke.

You want the truth? I'm not actually blogging right now. There is a time delay of a few hours on this one, I started to blog for real but then, when I saw it pop up on the giant screen for all the world to see, I chickened out. For some reason though, I have no shame about ichatting with my friend about running into the ex of soeone I used to date in the office. I'm completely digressing right now. The point of this was to share something I enjoy because you know how much I love sharing.

Metblogs is exactly what the name implies. According the the website it is "the world's largest network of city focused blogs, covering local issues in over 50 cities around the world." Obviously Los Angeles has one and on it is a little recurring piece called "Archiving Angeles". It's brilliantly simple. Just an upload of an old L.A. photo with a caption, but it gets me every time. Sometimes it's 50 years old and sometime as recent as the late 70's but either way, i urge you to have a look. 


queenofhollywood said...

Hey DB!

Interesting. Thank you for sharing your 'stories' with us. I love your writing.

Glad to hear that the thirty in thirty is back! That's great.

I have just check Metblog, I'm dissappointed. There isn't any city of Spain. That's pretty unfair because now we are more famous. You know why?

Because we won Eurocup 2008!

Just kidding, but I have to say it. Because I still don't believe it.

Stay well and cool gal.

Anonymous said...

You are BRILLIANT! Keep The Dirty Ballerina Blog alive! Cheers!