Saturday, August 23, 2008

What is going on?

I don't know anything about planets or alignment or eclipses or whatever, but something is definitely up. I feel like every other conversation I have is with someone who has some serious shit going down. This past week has been stressful and relationships of all kinds have been out of whack. I have one friends who went to the e.r., one who had her tongue accidentally sliced open at the dentist and one who had a full blown anxiety attack out of nowhere. That is not to mention the other people who have just had super doosies emotionally. Again I ask, what the hell is going on?


Matthew said...

it's the coming of 2012!!!!

Polar Circle said...

It s karma all it s about karma yeah!

The Amatuer Writer said...

The alignment of the solar system is obviously whacked..NOTHING is on the right track as far as I am concern..but that's fine because aren't we all just here on a transition? I'm just waiting to catch my 'flight' to heaven..Being said, I'm currently one of the most active members of the 'super doosies emo-club'..Seriously.

Thanks for reminding me of my current shitty state, Clem.

Stay well and hold tight.

xoxo ;)

Karen said...'s been a very stressful week. Mom was rushed to hospital last Monday...a friend passed away last week...felt like a very long week but yet a blur. I was looking at the calendar Wed....just to see about the moons and wondering why so much happens at one time.

The quirk phenom said...

I hear all of ya. My gf of five years left me, I got in a car accident and lost a hubcap and am completely overwhelmed by work. No wonder people become alcoholics.