Sunday, August 31, 2008

Remember how I was wondering how things ended up where they did? Well, I had a thought this morning regarding the shoes by the side of the road. I was walking through an alley and I saw a sock and shoe and I heard an ex-boyfriend's words in my head, "Baby, please be careful or you're going to lose a shoe one of these days." That was his way of telling me not to get hit by a car, since it seems that, most of the time, when a body gets hit my a car with enough force, they always lose a shoe. See, I have this bad habit of marching across the street like a polar bear crossing penguins, thinking, fuck them if they don't stop. So far I've been okay, but the people close to me are always a bit nervous about my little habit. Assuming all of that is true then that would explain the shoes by the side of the road. People getting hit by cars. It's not nearly as interesting anymore.


Anonymous said...

Because of the penguin simile, well,
Harry & Pepper deserve a tangental reference. A little more uplifting than car accidents, IMHO.

The Amatuer Writer said...

For the sake of your close and loved ones; Kick your 'polar bear marching' habit..Start looking to your left, right and left once again before crossing the street..Jesus God DB, didn't they ever taught you this during pre-school???..geez..

Stay well and hold tight.


Wanda said...


I loved the way you described how you cross the street. I couldn't stop laughing. Seriously though crossing the street can be quite dangerous when people are rushing to get somewhere like the world is going to end, and don't have a moment to spare. Clementine keep em coming.

Peace Out,


Anonymous said...

everytime i see a shoe on the side of the road i think of you.