Tuesday, August 26, 2008

 I wonder how things end up where they do. I mean, what is the logic behind when, why and where someone decides to throw a random object?  For example, I was behind a bush the other day and I looked down to see a pair of child's pink sandals and a back pack and canvas bag. I would assume that these things took their trip beyond the bush together, but one can never be sure. Of course, the way my head works, I immediately thought that some poor child had probably been kidnapped and the perpetrator stashed the evidence behind the bush. Maybe I should lay off the late night law and order...
Then there are the shoes that live on the side of the road. We've all seen them. They are there, sad and lifeless, wondering what happened. You can almost see their little eyelets turning around, thinking, "Hey, what happened to my foot?" Is there a matching person out there going, "Hey, what happened to my shoe?" Or did they make a conscious decision that it would be a super idea to take off their shoe and throw it out the car window? Something along the lines of, "you know, I'm kind of over this left shoe, I think I will drop it on the road, maybe someone else will want it"? 
Then there was the time I found one gold painted sneaker and one gold sandal on the mailbox. I'm thinking this was a case of someone attempting art, though I never could figure out the statement.  Any ideas?


Capt. Pinkpants said...

You were "behind a bush" the other day?
I bet you were!

The Dirty Ballerina said...

Right before "eating your taco".

Talal Mkld said...


The Amatuer Writer said...

*feigns laughing*...Aahahaha!

Seriously?..*scratches head*..I'm totally ??????? on the 'banter'..

And yea, I am 'too busy' to comment on this powerful blog although it is mind-provoking..gah!

Obviously not in the 'best' of mood..Sorry, DB.

imnotarobot said...

hey amatuer writer.. what is with the bitterness?

Capt. Pinkpants said...

Among the things that I like to find on the street, besides people with no sense of humor, are used condoms.
Those things are great.
They are kinda like Toosie Pops, enough licks and you will get to the prize in the center!

...And, they come in different flavors.

KID said...

i found my cat cause some one threw her in the nieghbors rose bush. The cat was not expected to live 2 days, now here she is 2 years later.

The Amatuer Writer said...

hi there, imnotarobotgirl..

Wow, 'bitter' is a rather harsh word..*shrugs* I am usually quite the 'joker' with a wicked sense of dry humor..but am currently "force to slump" into a 'sour'-mood.. Could be the insane workload, I guess..
Or perhaps a certain 'C' friend of yours might juuuuust recall something that had totally been 'forgotten'..*sigh*..
whatever, imnotarobotgirl..never mind..I will live.

Sorry if I'd sounded bitter..again.

Stay well and hold tight, gal.

xoxo ;)