Sunday, August 24, 2008

part 2


His hand never falls asleep before midnight and Caliope was eating popcorn. It started with his middle finger and spread, like a disease, through the tendons, flesh and bone. He offered her a bite. They had been waiting hours for it to finally fall asleep. A more romantic meal was never shared. They tore into it. She remarked that the texture was not unlike chicken wings. Never having eaten a human being before she figured it was customary to make a comment on the unique flavor but couldn't find one, so she went with the old stand by. She took to it easily enough as he had been prepping her for weeks.

He then checked the state of his forearms, as they were now picking and sucking at only bone. The carcass of his hand now gleaming white. He asked her for a rubber band to speed up the process, which, she reminded him, causes the meat to toughen. "Didn't you tell me that we shouldn't rush the process when it's for company. We had an appetizer, so relax!"

He wondered aloud what would happen when their guests arrived. How would she take it? Would she panic? Would she understand? He hoped she would.



Anonymous said...

You teach me that a boyfriend is required... Looking forward, as always, to the next part!

The Amatuer Writer said...

With reference to the last sentence from Pt.1: "She got to know his dog. He grew to love her cat." - So erm, is Mr.'Hannibal Lecter' in the house!? Weird!

Thanks for sharing, Clem. I'm intrigued for the next part.

Stay well and hold tight.

xoxo ;)

Hayley said...

This reminds me of Chuck Palahniuk's 'Haunted'. You're talented, for sure.