Saturday, May 10, 2008

More good stuff...

Evidently my little assignment has gone by the wayside but, at least I'm back. Here are some thing I like that you should check out, you know, if you want to. No pressure.

Faith Soloway is brilliant, totally, retarded brilliant. She has some videos up on youtube that are so worth your time. Sometimes, when I'm sad, I watch them and I feel better... (peek around you may just find our little Meghan Toohey floating around in there somewhere.) Here is the link.

Imnotarobotgirl is funny and smart and will soon, hopefully, have some recipes up.

Capt. Pink Pants sort of goes hand in hand with Imnotarobotgirl. Judging from the comments, I think they are a couple. This one is kind of about nothing, but it had me laughing outloud this morning.


The Grey Tree said...

There's a coincidence for you. I watched some of Faith Soloway's stuff the other day. And you're right it does make you feel better. I was in a bit of a mood when I watched it.

The Amatuer Writer said...

Faith Soloway's work(s) is a great 'feel good theraphy'..yea, retarded brilliant, that woman!..yea, I would recommend it to everybody who is feeling kind of 'moody'..
Don't really get Imnotarobotgirl's pieces (yea, I'm that dumb) but totally dig Capt. Pink Pants' blog! (yea, always count me in for a little 'artistic sarcasm!

Thanks for sharing.

Stay well, strong and cool, dear Clem.

Toni ;)

the crimson rose said...

I came across her L word parody a while ago, and yup saw meghan around there too as shane I think :)
pretty funny.

the "no pressure" bit in your post had me laughing out.

Anonymous said... the "30 in 30" declared over ??

The quirk phenom said...

faith solloway is a great writer, as always good taste.

Anonymous said...

Bloggie blog blog blog blog?


Wanda said...

Hi Clementine,

I'm going to check them out, and I let you know what I thought. Thanks for sharing. I really hope we get to read more of your writings, cause your really polished. Keep up the awesome job Clem you have very good taste.

Peace Out,