Saturday, May 10, 2008

In honor of sam's birthday...

This is a spot he did for time warner cable and i think it's funny, so there. I was going to put up a short he did that is amazing but can be disturbing. It's called Jim in the Box, if you want to search it.


Carol said...
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The Amatuer Writer said...

The "All-in-a-bundle" clip was ok BUT whoa; Jim In The Box really freaked me out! are right, it IS, guess it's my own fault that curiosity got the better of me..Nah, it's all cool and I sincerely thank you for sharing... :)

Yea, your little assignment's way out of 'alignment' (hey, it rhymes! BUT Thank God that you are back..ok, I'm soooo not the mushy type but I got to admit that I missed you when you were not around..

Forget about the assignment timeline, gal BUT keep writing those great stuff of yours as and when you please. I really missed reading your work. No pressure

Stay well, strong and cool, my dear Clem.


Amaranth said...

I just saw the jim in the box clip, have to say it was quite jarring. But well made. Now my tongue feels weird.

the crimson rose said...

if anyone's seen the movie It, they'll know exactly how that clown is a reminder of all things traumatizing. But the video is definitely worth the watch.

The Grey Tree said...

Ok, i'm neither sick nor twisted but I really didn't find the Jim in the Box video disturbing. Weird yes, disturbing no. I'm just saying.

queenofhollywood said...

I just saw the Jim in the Box video and actually, I don't know why but made me laugh. So, like the grey tree said no disturbing for me either.

Good stuff lol.

And welcome back, Clementine. I missed you. It's not the same when you aren't around and your cool posts, of course.

Alma de pollo said...

Oh I would recommend you so many videos but they're in spanish :(
you don't understand spanish, isn't it?
Anyway here it is one: This made me laught so much.
I liked your vid, thank's for sharing it with us.
Un beso.

Alma de pollo said...

P.S: I missed you :)

Anonymous said...

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Alma de pollo said...

French humour:
Un beso.

the crimson rose said...

fly away with me to London.