Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Are you a crazy person pretending to be Clementine Ford or is that who you really are.... I don't even know why I'm on here does it bother you that people can just go from doing one thing and then end up looking up shit about you on the net. Weird stuff."
By Kate W on      I am not citing anything here because I am la... at 11:48 AM
 I got a notification of this comment on my email and I think it's just about the greatest comment I've ever gotten.
My name is Clementine Ford. For real. I have no idea which Clementine Ford you are looking for but I can tell you that, here at least, I really am me. I don't know why you are on here either. Why is anybody on any website? I know why I'm here. I wrote some stuff. I drew some stuff. I made some videos. I wanted a place to put all that stuff. This is that place. Some time went by and things changed, as they do, and I have no idea what this is anymore. It just is.
This is not about "pretending to be" anything or anyone. Why anyone would want to pretend to be me just to post mundane things on the web seems bizarre.


crazylikeafox11 said...

I just randomly stumbled over here (as a result of boredom at work and having my twitter feed update via a firefox extension). Anywho, I am so very glad that you wrote "It just is." instead of saying "It is what it is." Seriously, thank you. The latter is a way of saying a whole lot of nothing by way of five words. I know I've contemplated that phrase on multiple occasions and I've yet to really grasp it's meaning. Of course things are what they are otherwise they would not be. It's like the word "get". It has meaning, it's just vague and overused when you could use another word to better clarify your meaning.

And now my boss has emailed me asking me to add something to some magical disk that I'm 99% certain does not exist (and even if it did exist, I'm 99% certain that said file could not be added without burning a new disk).

And my mp3 player apparently was in my pocket and just fell out. My life is so exciting! Now back to the dissolution of marriages (my job, paralegal).

ps: If you like drawing, you should check out the custom toy scene. I believe it's pretty big in LA (see Munky King).

JunetheGer said...

Nice to see you back here, well back ish. I'm still posting my own 30 in 30 as per my tweet but I'm pretty sure they are being sent to a titting deep dark twitter abyss where they will be lost in cyber space forever....ah well.

Keep writing Clementine - you do it beautifully. Just saying.

Nerissa Picadizo said...

At least Kate bothered to make a comment which in my book is a good thing… because she somehow cared about that certain ‘Clementine Ford’ she’s talking about…

Also, it’s akin to the saying ‘good or bad publicity is still publicity'. In this case, good or bad comment is still a comment which means people took the time to put out their thoughts. It could be a case that nobody even bothered to put out their two cents of opinion.

Clem, please do continue putting out your thing out there, because YOU CAN and this is your ‘Space To Be’.

Looking forward to the kaleidoscope of creativity that you are going to share to the world.



caro said...

Hello I ready your answer I hope that you are Ok, because to many people love you and write many fools thing I´m from Chile my name is Carolina

Anonymous said...

All I want for Christmas is for my favorite couple to get back together. Still hoping that's just a rumor I heard. Very sad face. :(

Anonymous said...

Is it okay to say that I'm patiently waiting for you to write a blog of your top 10 (or 100, if you have the stamina) books. Everything you've mentioned so far I've loved. :) Would love to hear more of your suggestions and favorites!

Kate W said...

Well to be specific Clementine Ford, the slightly famous one, was who I was looking for

The Dirty Ballerina said...

Good idea about the top ten books! I think I'll do it.

Sorry if I offended you kate, it was quite new to be asked if I am me. Also, there is more than one "slightly famous" Clementine Ford. Assuming that I am one, there is the writer. Hope she doesn't mind I've lumped her in.

Toriq Kamchi said...

Jeez. I hope this doesn't leave you with you asking yourself, "Am I Clementine Ford?". But are you the "THE ONE"?

Okay, whoever you are, real or fake. I love how you write. Its funny how whenever I read, I am flashing white light on my PC screen with my teeth. More than your role in THE L WORD, I have followed your interviews, and you must buy this, You are definitely the most Witty Women I have ever come across.

Keep writing.