Friday, October 15, 2010

Let me set this up for you...
My sister got a puppy for her birthday.
Through a series of events that puppy spent the night with me.
I already have two adult dogs of my own.

This is what I've just witnessed...
Dog number one had carried bites of his food to the wee wee pad left by my thoughtful sister. (Puppy doesn't think it's so thoughtful, he prefers to poop and pee in the middle of my kitchen.) He laid on the wee wee pad and ate his breakfast.

Dog number two sitting as close as possible but with her butt to me and looking around me, above me and underneath me rather than right at me. She's had a look like she smelled a fart ever since she figured out this dog isn't leaving.

puppy dog laying on my lap staring wistfully at dogs one and two wondering why no one but me will play with him.

P.S. Puppy are great and all but this has shown me that I made the right choice in adopting adult dogs!


Just another lesbian said...

I rescued an adult dog from the streets and named her Puppy. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

After adopting not one, but two puppies 11 months ago, I would have to agree with you! Puppies require a lot of patience and much time!