Monday, June 28, 2010

i see stuff

I saw this woman today.

A friend I was with thought it was sad that she's all alone out there.
I saw her more as an independent spirit who waits for nothing(except the bus) and answers to no one. Look at those old school adidas... Rock it, granny! I salute you.

This woman is rad. I very much enjoyed the moments I spent riding behind her.



crystal said...

SOOOOOOO hapy to see you back on here blogging!!!! I agree about the old lady...she reminds me of my grandma. Hope you have had a great birthday! PLEASE...keep blogging? got me to start blogging, so thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

endearing :-)

Anonymous said...

lol... pooper cooper.... nice shoes though!!!... xoxo... keep on bloggin!!

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a new post anytime soon? Really miss your writing. Quite the talent you have.

ivana.setiawan said...

tough woman, indeed :)
btw, Dutch folks ride their bikes even when they're in their 80-90s (not even kidding you!)

Erin Hunting said...

Hey Clementine,
First off, great blog! I love reading about uh...reading. But honestly, you have a great wit & nice way with words. I have to say I'm a little dissapointed that you haven't posted any of your drawings though. Would love to see those too.
Anyyyyway. After browsing your blog I came across your great photo of the old nanna in her sneakers clutching her bus token. I love characters like this & I couldn't resist drawing her myself. Here's a link to the drawing
Hope you don't mind! I love people watching & will often go home & sketch people that catch my eye.
Anyway, wishing you continued success with your blog & writing and apologies for the many ramblings.
All the best,