Friday, October 3, 2008

LIke jesus, only better

The hallway was dark, illuminated only slightly by the red light coming off of a near by neon sign. I was itching to leave. The bugs that crawl under my skin had come alive with a vengeance. I had to leave. It wasn't until I was halfway down the hallway that I saw them. I could feel the cold sweat settling in on their hot upper lips, the red light making the wet beads look like splatters of blood. Before I could cover my ears the grinding of their teeth obliterated my eardrums. These are the kind of people you want to run away from as much as you want to help. I needed to leave.

"Leaving so soon?"

The bugs were really dancing then. I knew I had to answer or he'd keep pushing.

"Yes. Right now."

I grabbed my girl and made a forward motion that can only be called walking if one is feeling particularly generous. It looked more like a fumbling false start in an olympic race. He took advantage of my stumble and blocked our way. When was the last time he had a shower?

"It's so good to see you."

"Do I know you?" was what I wanted to say but I happen to be a fan of propriety.

"Um... yeah. You too."

He looked familiar, but only in a vague, blurry sort of way. Out of nowhere "Somebody That I Used to Know" started playing on a loop inside my brain. The bugs always loved Elliott Smith. He started rubbing his nose and snapping his fingers. This, I could tell, was a problem. Clearly, it meant that he was having a wonderful time and no one was going anywhere. His girlfriend was shifting her weight from one foot to the other. She was so busy trying to pretend that she too was having a wonderful time that she didn't notice the little bit of white powder left on her right nostril. Yes, darling, you are clearly having a wonderful time.

A crowd had gathered in the hallway, a minor traffic pile up. The bugs had spread. Everyone was tired. The night was over. Chattering had given way to yawns and the signing of credit card slips. The angry mob behind us was growing larger. He didn't notice. To him it was a captive audience. He used his considerable girth to block the way out. He smiled his best mayoral smile and started shaking hands. He smelled faintly of baby laxative.

"Where's your boyfriend?" He leered at me.

"I don't have one, but this is my girlfriend."

"I see, no man could compare to me, eh?"

I assumed the elbows he jabbed into my sides were an attempt at camaraderie.

"You know, you're a classic, strong woman. You belong in a different era."


The only person he made sense to was himself. He failed to notice that he had sprouted four heads, which was surprising given that he seemed to be checking out his hair in our pupils. The bugs are uncomfortable with multi-headed persons and as such I feared they would burst out of my skin, which is never pleasant, what with the bits of epidermis, pus and blood that tend to get everywhere.

The crowd from the back had had enough. They were pushing to get out, lest their skin burst as well.

The force was enough to push us past him and into the street where it was safe. I saw a blur of moving lips as I rushed by. It wasn't until we had burst into the open and the dull roar had died to a sharp hum that I  heard him talking to his lady.

"You know I'm a teacher. Like Jesus, only better."

I looked back for her reaction, but he wasn't talking to his lady. There was no lady. There was only him. Alone, talking to a brick wall. I wondered how long he would stand there. I wondered if he would die there. I recognized him then. I started to go back in after him, as I had so many times before, but this time it was too late. My only option was to save myself. I turned my back and walked away.


mariana said...

What's wrong with you?! Why don't you accept my comments?? You know there's other ways of treating your fans.. but actually, i'm no longer your fan. You've become this obnoxious girl who thinks is superior, and chooses her "readers". Well dear, if you notice there's not a lot of people here, i wonder why.. anyway, i'm out of here for good. I'm done with this thing.

breezeart said...

Great story!
Wonder, why this character (male) went out of time in his own world? And also realized that he was there with many and plenty "bugs" but alone at the same time...very interesting your perspective relate to him and also, the ending as you "walked away" to be safe...
Man! loved this part, it is as human being we are, having our "free willing" and as we always try to help to others, sometimes we just can't and we need to just walk away and give that person his/her own space of their "own world" to help themselves..And get a life!

Nice writing!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the person above, but I completely understand why you're filtering comments. This story is really good work, keep it up and don't get discouraged by the negative folks out there.

Anonymous said...

Please don't take the last comment as the voice for all of us. Glad to have you back. Keep posting and most of us will keep reading . . .Thanks.


S said...

i don't believe the blogee is obligated to accept comments when people are rude and for some reason have decided that it's more important to come to this blog and make up completely outlandish and disturbing scenarios about someone whom they know absolutely nothing about, instead of going about their own lives. she is not holding a gun to your head and forcing you to come to this site. and whether someone accepts a comment or not, is not a reflection on their character or how they treat people or fans in the real world. i have no association with this blog or the writer, but i believe that a person starts a blog for themselves and no one else. when someone who has a job that forces them into the public eye is gracious enough to share something like this with the public then said fans like yourself should be respectful of that. also the whole idea that this is open for everyone and anyone to read absolutely contradicts the idea that she is choosing her readers. not everyone has to love or agree with everything that is written here, but if you're going to comment then use a little bit of constructive criticism, don't personally attack the writer.

The Amatuer Writer said...

Yup, only post comments that is related to the topic right, DB?..See? I remembered.. :)

In my humble opinion, I think something really serious must have happened to this "man's" life, affecting him so much so that he has completely shut out the world, preferring to live in his 'own world' thus, turning senile over the years..Very sad situation but in reality, it could happen to any one; including you and I...

As always, nice piece of powerful writing, DB!

Thank you.

Stay well and strong.

xoxo ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the story - INTENSE! The last paragraph has been experienced by many. How I have missed your stories - Thank you so much for sharing!!

MDSA said...

Are you getting ready for Halloween? The bugs’ part really creepy me out… Anyways, I like the story, but it was a little hard to read. I had a hard time reading and picturing it. I’m not talking about your word choices and writing style, I’m referring to the loose sentences. There were few of them that messed with the follow of the story (my perspective). Overall, I love it. Keep up the good work.
ps: How can he be "like Jesus, only better"? lmao

Anonymous said...

this is my favorite piece of writing so far!!!! keep up the good work!

Yuliya said...

I like it!!! You're back!!!!

Amaranth said...

I'm really glad you're back and posting. I found this post quite interesting and enjoyed reading the mystery and suspense created as I read along.
looking forward to more!

Oddballkory said...

this post is really good from start to finish, I just want to read more .....